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The Top 5 Benefits of E-Reading

There’s a certain charm to holding a book in your hands: you can physically feel the pages turn, visually see how close you are to finishing it, and take in that sweet, book aroma. While it’s undeniable that traditional reading does have its benefits, its rival, e-reading, can definitely stand its ground. In fact, we’ll […]

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Bhooks News May 2021

This May, we redesigned the book gallery and some parts of the welcome page, and we added chat audio notifications. Detailed changelog: Redesigned the book search/book gallery page. You can now search with multiple tags and display some special galleries (e.g. Editor’s Picks). Added chat audio notifications when you receive personal chat messages and activatable […]

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6 Free Writing Resources to Check Out

Should you pay for writing resources? No! The internet is full of fantastic free software and websites to help your writing. Take advantage of them whenever possible. Here are a few of our favorites: Writing It Out – Excellent blogging guide for writing and editing. HemingWay App – Online AI editor. Follow the instructions […]

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Bhooks News April 2021

In April, we added a welcome page for new users and we made several chat improvements! Detailed changelog: Introduced a welcome page for new users Chat now recognizes pasted links Removed the Discord link. Yep, we’re not on Discord anymore. You can now paste images into the Bhooks chat. Rephrased the most important landing page […]

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Best Creative Writing Books for Kids

Creative writing doesn’t just help to improve your kid’s writing ability; it strengthens their imagination, helps them to expand their vocabulary, and teaches them to express their feelings in a healthy way. Creative writing will even help your little one to learn empathy, since it entails crafting characters and putting yourself in the shoes of […]

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Bhooks News March 2021

In March, we decided to bring back the monthly changelogs The most important change was the introduction of our new Writing Motivator: The owl next to the editor with the achievements below. It’s far from done, and we’re still mostly in the ideas and design phase, so please come forth with your feedback! Detailed […]

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Clichés: Are They Always Taboo?

You’ve been told Clichés are the ultimate taboo in the writing world — unsightly, unimaginative, almost blasphemous phrases. Google even defines a cliché as ‘a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.’ But I’m going to tell you differently; after all, you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Why […]