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Are Free-er Poets and Modern Free Verse “Killing Poetry?”

William Childress, in his response to Willard Spiegelman’s essay ‘Has Poetry Changed?’, claims that modern free verse fails to appreciate poetic craft, is something you ‘just sit down and write’ and does not provide receivers with a moving, emotional impact. He further suggests that not only is there a lack of craft involved, but even free-er poetry’s […]

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Overcoming Writer’s Block: the Stepping Stones to Picking Up the Pen Again

“That frustrating, self-defeating inability to generate the next line, the right phrase, the sentence that will release the flow of words again.” – Mike Rose, A Cognitivist Analysis of Writer’s Block.  Writer’s block. Every writer at one point in their journey has had those two foreboding words squat inside their thoughts. Usually, this unwanted visitor […]