Looking for some new books on writing to take your storytelling to the next level? Here are the five you should be reading next.

#1: The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression

Many writers struggle to convey emotion to readers in a unique and compelling way. If you’re one of them, The Emotion Thesaurus will be your saviour: it provides a myriad of evocative ways to show every emotion, from anger to homesickness.

The Emotion Thesaurus also offers fantastic advice on how to ensure your characters’ emotions appear realistic, as well as how to convey emotional escalation and de-escalation.

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#2 Stephen King: On Writing

Stephen King: On Writing is filled to the brim with useful information and advice all aspiring writers will appreciate, and feel empowered by. Stephen King covers the basics like dialogue, description and plot, as well as general tips on how to stay motivated and focused while writing.

He also incorporates his personal life experiences into the book, meaning you can improve your craft while learning about his journey.

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#3 The Calm & Mindful Notebook: Guided Self Care Journal with Writing Prompts

Are stress and writer’s block getting in the way of you reaching your daily writing goals? If so, you should definitely be adding the The Calm & Mindful Notebook to your collection.

This must-have daily journal contains heaps of writing prompts, activities that can alleviate stress, and strategies to develop mindfulness. Plus, with its soft blue cover and gold letters, it’s sure to look absolutely gorgeous on your bookshelf.

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#4 Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

Self-editing can be extremely difficult — it’s hard to maintain an objective eye! While our Bhooks community is filled with beta readers who can help you out, there are some handy techniques you can learn which will set you on your way to becoming a top notch self-editor.

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers covers pretty much all these handy techniques, and goes into detail about how to edit and enhance dialogue and exposition.

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#5 Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2021

The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook is a bestselling comprehensive guide on the publishing world. From information about publishers, agents and editors, to ways to effectively pitch your manuscript, this book is a must for all writers aiming to hit it big.

This book also covers everything you need to know about self-publishing in today’s market, making it still a worthwhile purchase if traditional publishing isn’t your cup of tea.

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