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In March, we decided to bring back the monthly changelogs 🙂

The most important change was the introduction of our new Writing Motivator: The owl next to the editor with the achievements below. It’s far from done, and we’re still mostly in the ideas and design phase, so please come forth with your feedback!

Detailed changelog:

  • Introduced the new Writing Motivator
  • Introduced two achievements for the Writing Motivator with bronze, silver and gold levels. One for focused writing, one for number of words written.
  • Include private Critiques in “recent Critiques” listing
  • Mark private Critiques as private in ReadOnline listing
  • No error when clicking “Send” with empty invite email on Dashboard
  • Upgraded entire project to Bootstrap 5. Many bugfixes and updates related to that.
  • Properly show/hide book cover modal
  • Beautified the Dashboard a little
  • Fixed a bug where you’d get double chat messages after reloading a page
  • Increased time between repeat questions for “Do you want to activate chat notifications?”
  • Fixed a bug where a failed login attempt wouldn’t be displayed as one, but instead you’d just get a page reload.
  • Fixed a chat scrolling issue, and likely introduced a new one…
  • We started working with user’s timezones. This is important for e.g. a future weekly feedback email, so you’d get the weekly feedback at 0:00 your time, and for exactly your week, and not shifted by a time offset.
  • Multiple Chat UI bugfixes for mobile
  • Improved SEO for your book’s overview page. Made sure Google indexes the right stuff, and not e.g. your name with it.
  • Disabled the reply input when chatting with Bhoothoot (a bot).
  • Fixed the editor for Safari – it now works again.
  • Slight community redesign: Replaced all the “Welcome newUser!” links at the bottom with spamming the general chat when a new user joins.
  • Added “achievements” chat channel

New blog posts:

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