Bhooks update robot

This August, Bhooks has received plenty of new convenience features, bugfixes, and we set up an initial base for online chat and levels (based off total feathers).

Detailed changelog:

  • Visual “levels” display in UI overview (Yes there’s no functionality yet. The level’s just visual as of now)
  • Hint for Critique text comment replies
  • Funny Discord widget in the “Community” page
  • New “success” check icon when a rating text is saved
  • Live chat feature setup: Online, Away and Offline dropdown, communicates online states to server. Server keeps track of your desired and actual online states.
  • Added categories “Short Story” and “Werewolves & Vampires”
  • Critique Circle price from 100k to 15k
  • Added Shift+Enter (simple break vs new paragraph)
  • Identity upgrade: More & more stable account management, such as “resend confirmation mail” and changed encryption.
  • Resend registration confirmation mail button (both on confirm + send page)
  • Added strikethrough to editor
  • Changed page count estimate divider from 1800 to 4000
  • Introduced Critique length warning, when you reached the limit of what the author can afford.
  • validated ratings
  • line-height bugfix
  • total feathers bugfix
  • Critique counter bug fixed
  • Cover canvas title overlap bugfix
  • Removing diacritics of Unicode special chars (AKA we now support this guy’s book:
  • Nicer community URLs
  • mobile EditMyBook menu bugfix
  • EditMyBook maximize popup window hidden bugfix
  • EditMyBook maximize/minimize toggle bugfix
  • Tab key as text-indent (i.e. more text-indent bugfixes)
  • Safari EditMyBook menu bugfix
  • Image alignment now saves in the backend
  • Sidepanel is visible from the start if it has enough space
  • text-indent issues fixed (hopefully, @Aigou would be great if you tested)
  • editor loading shifted from page load to tab click (making a hopefully smoother experience for large books)
  • Text comment bugfix

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