This August, Bhooks has received plenty of new convenience features, bugfixes, and we set up an initial base for online chat and levels (based off total feathers).

Detailed changelog:

  • Visual “levels” display in UI overview (Yes there’s no functionality yet. The level’s just visual as of now)
  • Hint for Critique text comment replies
  • Funny Discord widget in the “Community” page
  • New “success” check icon when a rating text is saved
  • Live chat feature setup: Online, Away and Offline dropdown, communicates online states to server. Server keeps track of your desired and actual online states.
  • Added categories “Short Story” and “Werewolves & Vampires”
  • Critique Circle price from 100k to 15k
  • Added Shift+Enter (simple break vs new paragraph)
  • Identity upgrade: More & more stable account management, such as “resend confirmation mail” and changed encryption.
  • Resend registration confirmation mail button (both on confirm + send page)
  • Added strikethrough to editor
  • Changed page count estimate divider from 1800 to 4000
  • Introduced Critique length warning, when you reached the limit of what the author can afford.
  • validated ratings
  • line-height bugfix
  • total feathers bugfix
  • Critique counter bug fixed
  • Cover canvas title overlap bugfix
  • Removing diacritics of Unicode special chars (AKA we now support this guy’s book:
  • Nicer community URLs
  • mobile EditMyBook menu bugfix
  • EditMyBook maximize popup window hidden bugfix
  • EditMyBook maximize/minimize toggle bugfix
  • Tab key as text-indent (i.e. more text-indent bugfixes)
  • Safari EditMyBook menu bugfix
  • Image alignment now saves in the backend
  • Sidepanel is visible from the start if it has enough space
  • text-indent issues fixed (hopefully, @Aigou would be great if you tested)
  • editor loading shifted from page load to tab click (making a hopefully smoother experience for large books)
  • Text comment bugfix

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