There’s a certain charm to holding a book in your hands: you can physically feel the pages turn, visually see how close you are to finishing it, and take in that sweet, book aroma. While it’s undeniable that traditional reading does have its benefits, its rival, e-reading, can definitely stand its ground. In fact, we’ll go as far as saying e-reading has taken the world by storm. In the U.S. alone, over 50% of adults have an e-reader snugly tucked within their bag.

Debating whether to add to that statistic? Check out all the benefits of e-reading below.

Easier to Discover and Support Indie Authors

The traditional publishing world is heavily guarded. By that, we mean it’s extremely difficult for indie authors to break into the industry and get their voices heard. The rise of the e-reading community, however, has given indie authors a platform to self-publish their own work and escape the restrictive nature of traditional publishing. While finding the works of indie authors in your local bookstore is akin to finding a needle in the haystack, you can find thousands upon thousands of indie books on an e-reader store like “Kindle.” In fact, indie authors make up over 35% of e-book sales on the Amazon e-book store.

Not only that, but there are plenty of e-reading communities out there (like!) that allow indie authors to publish their work and receive feedback before the final publication. As an e-reader, you can quite literally experience the crafting process, and even have a say in it.

Put simply, the e-reading world gives a platform for self-publishing. It also allows readers to discover new voices, support new authors, and even share their thoughts with authors.

Fantastic Portability

Let’s be real: while a novel may be aesthetically-pleasing on a bookshelf, it is anything but convenient. For starters, books are heavy and bulky. Lugging even two books around in your bag can feel like you’re carrying the weight of the Earth, especially if you’re in a rush to catch the train. Another inconvenience is that books just aren’t waterproof. which means reading them by the pool or beach is like playing a game of Russian roulette. There’s no telling if some daredevil kid will splash you or throw a bucketful of seawater at you, and leave your once pristine book in a soaked, ink-running mess.

In comparison, e-readers are exceptionally light and compact. You can quite literally carry a library’s-worth of books in your bag, without feeling like your bag is bulk galore or Thor’s hammer. Plus, almost all e-readers are designed to be waterproof. So yup, you can finally have a nice relaxing day out on the beach without having to worry about the final chapter turning into an illegible ink puddle.


One of the most obvious benefits of e-reading is that it’s budget-friendly. While you may have to initially fork out some cash for an e-reader, in the long-term, you’ll be saving money. There are plenty of free books to explore and enjoy online, and even the books that do come with a price tag are considerably cheaper than their print counterparts!

Easier to Use

Benefit of e-reading no.4: it’s so much easier to use. Once you experience an e-reader, we guarantee you’ll suddenly realize just how much hassle there is involved in reading traditionally. Want to highlight a particular sentence? You’ve got to put the book down, rummage in your pencil case for a highlighter — specifically one that won’t run through — then attempt to draw a straight line. Want to look up the definition of a word? You have to bring out a dictionary (or summon Siri). Want to read in a poorly-lit area? You’ll have to clip on one of those book light gizmos, and pray it stays in place and doesn’t rip the page. And of course, let’s not forgot the most frustrating experience of all: losing your bookmark, and forgetting what page you’re on.

E-book reading has taken into consideration all these struggles, and defeated them, one by one. You can highlight by clicking a button (and it automatically straightens, for the clumsy annotators out there!), find the definition of a particular word simply by tapping it, and adjust the e-reader’s brightness based on the lighting. It also automatically bookmarks for you, so there’s no chance of that bookmark ever being lost. Most e-readers even allow you to bookmark specific passages. If you really love a particular quote or description from a book, you can treasure it for years to come and never lose it.


For centuries, book covers have exposed all our reading guilty pleasures. They have left nothing to the imagination. If you wanted to read 50 Shades of Grey in public, you’d almost always be met with at least one stranger giving you the side-eye. But with an e-reader, you can read whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. It’s impossible for onlookers to nose at what you’re reading. You could tell them you’re reading the Ulysses by James Joyce, while actually reading some Game of Thrones fanfic, and they wouldn’t bat an eye.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of e-reading are limitless, and e-reading undoubtedly offers the most user-friendly experience. It also provides a platform for indie authors, and encourages greater interaction between readers and writers. If you feel after reading this you want to make the leap into the e-reading world, check out the best e-readers of 2021 here. Once you’ve got your e-reader set up, make sure to join Bhooks. On Bhooks, you can read e-books from indie authors, and download them to to your e-book with ease.

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